Jeanenne Tornatore – Orbitz.com Senior Editor

Jeanenne Tornatore picture – Orbitz.com Senior Editor
As Orbitz.com’s resident on-air travel expert, Jeanenne Tornatore shares her passion for hitting the road and her nearly 20 years of travel industry experience to equip consumers with the insights, strategies and inspiration to make wise travel decisions. From how to find the best deals to navigating an ever-changing travel environment, Tornatore regularly shares her savvy advice with national print and broadcast outlets around the country. She’s a frequent on-air contributor to the Today Show, CNN, and FOX News among others, and quoted in publications including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and US News & World Report.

Blog Posts

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Quoted in the Media

The Wall Street Journal
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USA Today
Airfares for Christmas travel up from last year

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On-Air TV Segments

Fox & Friends
Going to the Final Four? Tips to enjoy Atlanta

Fall Travel Deals

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Justine McDonald — CheapTickets.com Travel Expert

Justine McDonald — CheapTickets.com Travel Expert
As a CheapTickets.com travel expert, Justine McDonald keeps her finger on the pulse of the hottest (and cheapest!) trends in travel, sharing her knowledge with media outlets across the United States. In addition to her firsthand experience visiting destinations around the world, Justine’s travel industry background helps her provide travelers with tips and tricks to get the most out of their vacations. In her spare time, she travels frequently with her husband, Matt. Together, they aspire to visit 50 states and 50 countries before their fiftieth birthdays.